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“Received money for doing sacrilege”, Singhu border killing victim’s video goes viral

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Ludhiana, October 20

A new video of the deceased Lakhbir Singh, who was killed by the Nihangs at Singhu border, has gone viral on social media now. In the 43-second long video, Lakhbir looks fine with no scars on his body and his hands were also fine. His legs were tied and he was semi-naked.

In the video, he can be heard saying that he has been given Rs. 30,000 and he also tells the mobile number of a person.

It has reportedly been claimed that Lakhbir Singh said that he was sent for the sacrilege of Guru Granth Sahib.

On Dussehra, Lakhbir Singh was killed by the Nihangs. His hands were chopped off and he was tied to a barricade. The Nihangs took responsibility for his killing and surrendered to the police.

The video has reportedly been uploaded by a person named Damanjeet Singh Khalsa. In the video, it was also written that this video was for those who were demanding proof for the sacrilege.

Lakhbir Singh was a resident of Cheema Kalan village in Tarn Taran. His sister and family had earlier questioned the circumstances of the case. They had said that Lakhbir Singh was a drug addict. They had earlier asked that how can a drug addict with only Rs. 50 reach the Singhu Border to do sacrilege.

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“How can a drug addict with Rs. 50 reach Singhu border to commit sacrilege?”

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