Correction Policy

The City Headlines would like to get you through the Correction Policy. This page tells you about the measures that we adopt when we find some errors in our content on all the platforms.

The City Headlines is very conscious about accountability to our readers. We fully understand that it is our responsibility to correct the errors as early as possible.

Our motive is to present accurate and complete news reports based on all the information available. We being a digital platform, run a correction and a clarification on the platform where we find the error.

In case of a major mistake that can amount to spreading misinformation, we apologise to our audience in a timely manner.

If any error occurs in our videos, we update it and inform the users as early as possible. If we find an error in any of our news stories on our website, we change the content and add (Correction) just after the headline.

We also ask for suggestions and corrections from our valuable audience on all of our platforms.

When our content is factually correct but the language is unclear, then we re-write it and clarification is added to the stories.

When an error is found by any of our viewers and readers and posted to the comments, we fact-check it once again. The City Headlines do not attribute blame to individual reporters or editors (e.g. “because of a reporting error” or “because of an editing error”).

As per our editorial policy, we do not take any take-down requests. If someone claims that the story was inaccurate, we are ready to investigate the errors and publish a correction. When we publish publicly available personal data, we only review takedown requests if the person involved is under threat of physical harm because of the existence of such material.