Ethics Policy

We always see following all the journalistic ethics as our foremost responsibility. Our team of professionals comes from a hardcore journalism background. Therefore, they know and understand the codes and conducts of journalism.

The City Headlines is committed to journalism that involves honest, accurate, fair, and unbiased reporting. Following our motto- “No Fear, No Favour, Only Truth”, we strive to continue fair and ethical reporting.

The City Headlines’ aim is to set benchmarks for credibility and integrity. We are always accountable for the trust that our audience invests in us.


Our focus is to sustain the credibility that we have maintained over time. We have built the trust of our audience with our work and we will continue to do the same. The City Headlines never publishes or posts misinformation. After a thorough check and getting information from reliable and authority sources, we continue with our news stories. At The City Headlines, we never tweak the information.


The City Headlines never highlights one side of the coin. We do not owe anything to anyone except our valuable audience and it is our duty to remain unbiased, truthful and show our news from different angles and different verticles.


Delivering what is right, showing what is in people’s interest is one of our principles. We are always ready to speak for the public interest, following all the due norms and ethics of journalism. The City Headlines is free from any kind of political and economical stress. We are unbiased and we strive to maintain the integrity of our organization.


Our focus has always been to provide what is right. We always look for authoritative sources and quote research-based evidence in our news stories. We acknowledge all the areas of uncertainty and do a thorough fact check before publishing or posting anything on our platforms.


The content that we post on all of our platforms, undergoes thorough checks on multiple levels. We have a dedicated team of experts who are working in the field of journalism for a long period of time. As per the seniority level, all the content that we make is thoroughly checked several times.