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Amid covid surge, strict guidelines issued for school authorities

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As the coronavirus cases are rising in the national capital, strict guidelines have been issued to the school authorities. A Standard Operating Procedure has been issued in which several precautionary measures have been listed for the students and the school authorities.

Some strict guidelines have been issued which include no sharing of lunch and stationery items, and the availability of a quarantine room in the school. Also, school teachers will have to ask the students regularly if they or any of their family members have any covid symptoms.

Here are the guidelines

  • Students would be guided to avoid sharing lunch, stationery items etc.
  • Quarantine rooms have to be available in the schools.
  • No student and staff would be allowed to enter the school without thermal scanning.
  • Every day, the teachers will ask the students if they or anyone in their family have any kind of Covid symptoms.
  • The school authorities are asked to advise the parents to avoid sending their children to the school if they are tested positive for coronavirus.
  • The head of the school should ensure that all the students, staff, and guests wear masks properly.
  • The authorities would make sure that there is no crowding at the entry and exit gates of the school.

Earlier, the Deputy Chief Minister of Delhi Manish Sisodia has also given orders to close the schools even if a single student is tested positive for coronavirus.

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