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“President rule should be imposed in Punjab”, says Captain Amarinder Singh

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Ludhiana, January 5

Former Chief Minister of Punjab Captain Amarinder Singh has said demanded President rule in the state today. After Prime Minister Narendra Modi returned to Delhi stating a “security breach” in the state, Captain Amarinder Singh made this statement.

Further, he said that PM was just 10 kilometres away from the national border. “If you cannot keep your Prime Minister safe in that area, what kind of government is this? We do not need such government. Impose president rule and throw them out,” he said.

He said that to maintain law and order in Punjab, it is necessary to impose President rule. Captain Amarinder Singh also took to Twitter and wrote, “Complete failure of law and order in Punjab, CM and HM Punjab, in particular. When you cannot provide smooth passage to the Prime Minister of the country and that too just 10km from the Pakistan border, you have no right to stay in office and should quit!”

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