Friday, August 12, 2022

Three children die after consuming ‘cough syrup’ prescribed by Mohalla Clinics in Delhi

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Three children reportedly died in Delhi after consuming ‘cough syrup’ administered by government-run Mohalla Clinic. According to the reports, 16 children were admitted to the Kalawati Saran Children Hospital. Out of the 16, 3 died.

The enquiry report of the Directorate of Health Services has said, “16 cases of Dextromethorphan poisoning in Kalawati Saran Children Hospital, New Delhi. Out of those, three expired in the hospital. The Mohalla Clinics of the Delhi government had prescribed them Dextromethorphan drug which is strictly not recommended for the paediatric age children.”

According to the reports, the DGHS directed the Delhi Government to issue a notice to all the dispensaries and Mohalla Clinics “to not prescribe Dextromethorphan for children less than four years of age.”

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