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The Indian restaurant which is serving free food and shelter in Ukraine

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Ludhiana, March 1

Amid the ongoing war situation between Ukraine and Russia, an Indian restaurant in Ukraine’s Kyiv is serving free food to the Ukrainian citizens and the Indian students stranded over there.

As per the reports, an Indian restaurant named “Saathiya” in the war-hit Ukrainian capital Kyiv, is providing free food and shelter to the locals.

All over the internet, this restaurant is getting appreciation. The media reports suggest that Saathiya has provided sanctuary to 70 people since the war began.

Manish Dave is the owner of the restaurant. He says that because of the location of the restaurant, it has become a bunker. The restaurant is situated in the basement of Chokolivs’kyi Boulevard.

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Manish reportedly said that as Russian troops started bombarding in the restaurant’s vicinity, people started flocking into his restaurant along with their luggage. Further, he said that his restaurant staff served Chicken Biryani to those who sought shelter.

Manish also informed that a lot of Ukrainians also visited his restaurant and hoped that they would be safe here.

Saathiya Restaurant- See pictures

On the downside, Manish said that the restaurant has stock left for the next 4-5 days. “We now have rice and flour to last 4-5 days. However, we need to buy vegetables and other items.”

Manish further reportedly said that Saathiya restaurant used to be the favourite hangout place for all the Indian students studying in Kyiv.

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