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Surprise Check: Mayor Balkar Sandhu puts chair outside Zone C office at 8:30 am

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Ludhiana, October 12

Ludhiana Mayor Balkar Sandhu conducted a surprise check at the Zone C Municipal Corporation to check if the employees had reached on time or not. On Tuesday, Mayor Balkar Sandhu reached the office at 8:30 am. The operations start at 9:00 am. Only a few employees managed to reach on time.

Mayor Balkar Sandhu sat outside the office for an hour and was seen scolding the employees who were late. He also warned that if anyone reaches late from the next time, strict action would be taken against them. Mayor further said that he had received information that employees at the Zone C office were not reaching the office on time. That was why he conducted a surprise check.

Sandhu has also asked for the information of the employees from the Zonal Commissioner and ordered him to issue a warning notice. Earlier also, Cabinet Minister Bharat Bhushan Ashu had conducted a surprise check at the Zone D office.

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