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BREAKING NEWS: Ministry of Civil Aviation allows Sikhs to carry Kirpans in flights

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Ludhiana, March 14

The Ministry of Civil Aviation has allowed the Sikh passengers in India to travel in domestic flights with Kirpan. It is to be noted that Kirpan is one of the holy symbols that people following Sikhism carry along with them.

The orders read:

Kirpan may be carried only by a Sikh passenger, on his person, provided the length of its blade does not exceed 15.24 cms (6 inches); and the total length of a Kirpan does not exceed 22.86 cms (9 inches).

However, this exception has only been given to the Sikh passengers and not the Sikh employees working in terminals (domestic or international) at any airport.

Other than that, Manjinder Sirsa, former Delhi Sikh Gurudwara Management Committee Chief, who recently joined Bhartiya Janta Party, today took to Twitter and said that even the Sikh employees working at the airports would be allowed to carry Kirpan.


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