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Election candidates to pay Rs. 12 for tea and coffee, Rs. 45 for N95 masks

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Ludhiana, January 15

The Election Commission of Punjab has released the rate list of several items that are to be used by the candidates during the elections.

There are several items that are used during the election campaigns and the Election Commission of India fixes the rates of each of the items used. From soaps, and sanitizers, to hotel rooms and XUV cars, the prices of every item are fixed by the Election Commission.

Even the rates of the ballons used during the ceremonies and stage shows are fixed.

Each candidate can spend up to Rs. 40 lakh for the election campaigns and the Election Commission of India keeps a check on the expenditure of the candidates.

According to this list released by the Election Commission, each candidate will have to pay Rs. 12 for a cup of tea. A cup of coffee will cost them Rs 12.

A glass of lassi will cost Rs 10 and amid the cold wave, Rs. 10 would be charged for a glass of “shikanjavi”. Also, the price for one day use of AC will be Rs. 2200.

The candidates will have to pay Rs. 130 for 1kg of Rasgulla, Rs. 150 for 1 kg Jalebi.

Prices of fish, chicken, mutton, Ghee Pinnis, and even burgers are fixed by the Election Commission.

Fish will cost Rs. 550 per kg

Ghee Pinnis at Rs. 275 per kg

Chicken at Rs. 200 per kg

Mutton at Rs. 385 per kg

Rs. 20 for one burger

Rs. 12 for paneer Pakoda (per piece)

Cholle Bhature, Samose Chane, Tikki and Puri Chane are also on the list.

Light and Sound System rates

  • Auto-rickshaw for advertisement- Rs. 2200 per day
  • Cycle-rickshaw for advertisement- Rs. 1650 per day
  • Flood light per piece- Rs. 165
  • Sound system (heavy) up to four boxes and four horns- Rs. 5500

Rates for vehicles to be used for campaigning

  • Bus (52 seater)- Rs 4900
  • Car- Rs. 825
  • Light/Medium commercial vehicles- Rs. 1320
  • Maxi cab- Rs. 1100
  • Mini bus (32 seater)- Rs. 3300
  • Truck- Rs. 2400
  • SUV’s and XUV’s- Rs. 1650 to Rs. 1850
  • Driver’s salary per day with food- Rs. 550

Hotel rooms rates

  • Double bed (with AC deluxe)- Rs. 3000
  • Double bed (with AC)- Rs. 1450
  • Double bed (without AC)- Rs. 950
  • Single bed (with AC)- Rs. 1050
  • Single bed (without AC)- Rs. 600

DJ rates

  • Dhol Tasha per day- Rs. 550
  • DJ with Orchestra- Rs. 13000
  • Local singer- Rs. 30,000 or as per actual bill whichever is higher
  • Renowned singer- Rs. 2,00,000 or as per actual bill whichever is higher

Items for covid protection

  • Face Shields (per piece)- Rs. 35
  • Hand sanitizers- Rs. 15
  • N-95 mask- Rs. 45
  • Surgical mask- Rs. 3
  • Soap- Rs. 40

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