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Ludhiana girl returning from Ukraine describes the situation in war-hit country

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Ludhiana, February 26

Because of the ongoing conflict, the situation is tense in Ukraine and also for the families of the Indian students stranded there.

Most of the students who are stranded in Ukraine have gone to the country for their MBBS. There are also many students of Punjab who have been studying in different cities of Ukraine for a long time. But after the war between the two countries, the situation there has become horrifying.

Jahnvi, a resident of Ludhiana, who returned from Kharkiv in Ukraine three days ago, describes the situation out there. Jahnvi lives near the Vrindavan Road area in Ludhiana. The family is joyous with the daughter’s return.

Jahnvi told that she went to Ukraine in October. She was admitted to the college earlier, but because of the coronavirus pandemic, her classes were being conducted online. Further, explained that the situation was tense between both nations. However, none of the students were expecting a war-like situation.

Jahnvi further said that the Indian media was making predictions of war, but nothing seemed like that in Ukraine. The students were regularly going to their universities to study.

Further, Jahnvi informed that her family members and those of her friends were making pressurizing them to return to India.

I tried to convince my family that there was no war-like situation in Ukraine. But when a notice was received from the Indian Embassy, ​​after talking to the family members, I got the flight tickets booked and decided to return to the country.

Complete support of Indian Embassy

Jhanvi tells that the Indian Embassy in Ukraine asked the students, not to panic. They assured that the students will be evacuated safely.

Jahnvi informed that the Embassy urged the students and the Indians living in Ukraine to patiently wait for their turn and stay at safe places.

“There was full support from the agents who were present there. During the whole journey from Kharkiv to India, the employees at the embassy were constantly asking for updates from the students,” Jahnvi said.

“I talk to my friends daily, there’s no food to eat”

Jahnvi said that she is constantly in touch with her friends stranded in Ukraine. “As Kharkiv is close to the Russian border, bombing and shelling happen every day and now, people are even not getting food to eat. I talk to my friends over social media and they describe the situation every day,” she said.

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