Sunday, May 28, 2023

Lakhimpur violence: Congress shares video of car running over farmers | WATCH VIDEO

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Ludhiana, October 5

The video of a car running over farmers at Tikunia in Lakhimpur has gone viral. During the incident that happened on Sunday, as many as four protesting farmers reportedly died. Other than them, four BJP workers and a journalist also died in the violence.

The video has also been shared on Congress’ official Twitter handle where an SUV can be seen running swiftly on a road full of protesting farmers and hitting some of them ruthlessly.

Congress in the tweet wrote, “TW: Extremely disturbing visuals from #LakhimpurKheri The silence from Modi Govt makes them complicit.”

The vehicle seems to be deliberately running over the farmers and it nowhere looked out of control. Some media reports suggest that the exact spot in the video appears to be Tikunia road leading towards Lakhimpur and around 100 meters from the playground where the farmers were staging the protests on Sunday.

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