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ELECTIONS 2022: Ban on roadshows, indoor meetings with 300 people allowed

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Ludhiana, January 15

The Election Commission of India has extended the ban on physical rallies and roadshows on all political rallies and physical gatherings till January 22. On January 8, the Model Code of Conduct came into force in five poll-bound states, including Punjab.

Amid the covid surge, the Election Commission had issued strict guidelines. A ban was imposed on physical rallies and political gatherings till January 15. However now, analyzing the current coronavirus situation in Punjab, Uttar Pradesh, Manipur, Uttarakhand, and Goa, the Election Commission of India has extended this ban on rallies.

However, some relaxation has been given to the political parties in the poll-bound states. The political parties can hold indoor meetings of a maximum of 300 persons or 50% of the capacity of the hall, or the prescribed limit set by State Disaster Management Authority.

The Election Commission has cleared that no roadshow, vehicular rallies and processions will be allowed till January 22. After that, coronavirus situations will be analyzed and then further notice would be issued.

ECI has also said that the political parties shall ensure the compliance of COVID appropriate protocols and guidelines and the Model Code of Conduct.

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