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LUDHIANA COVID RESTRICTIONS: Night curfew extends, gyms closed, no gathering of more than 50 people

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Ludhiana, January 16

Amid the rising number of coronavirus cases in the Ludhiana district, Deputy Commissioner Ludhiana has ordered some strict covid guidelines in the city.

The night curfew in Ludhiana has been extended till January 25. It will remain in force from 10:00 pm to 5:00 am every day in the district.

All the guidelines issued by the Ludhiana District Magistrate will remain in force till January 25.

Gyms, Sports complexes to remain close

Strict guidelines have been issued by the Ludhiana District Magistrate on Sunday, January 16. No gyms in Ludhiana would be allowed to open. Also, sports complexes will remain close in Ludhiana. Only athletes preparing for national and international sports tournaments would be allowed to use gyms and sports complexes.

No mask, no service

No services would be provided to the people wearing face masks improperly or without masks, in any government and private office. Also, only fully vaccinated people would be allowed to take the services.

In private and government offices, factories, only fully vaccinated staff would be allowed to work.

Gathering of only 50 people allowed

Not more than 50 people would be allowed in indoor complexes in Ludhiana and not more than 100 people would be allowed in outdoor complexes in Ludhiana.

Covid safety protocols must be followed in all public gatherings. All the halls, complexes would function at 50% capacity.

Even if the 50% capacity of the indoor complexes is more than 50 people, the highest number of people allowed in a gathering would remain 50.

Similarly, even if the 50% capacity of the outdoor complexes is more than 100 people, the highest number of people allowed in a gathering would remain 100.

No schools are allowed to open

Schools, colleges, and other educational institutes are not allowed to conduct offline classes. Only online classes are allowed. Other than that, medical and nursing institutes are allowed to function.

Malls, restaurants, multiplexes to operate at 50% capacity

The malls, restaurants, bars, cinema halls, multiplexes, spas, are allowed to function at 50% capacity. The whole staff must be fully vaccinated. Also, only those fully vaccinated would be allowed to take services from the aforementioned places.

  • Home delivery of food will be allowed till 11 pm.
  • AC Buses will function at 50% capacity.
  • Only fully vaccinated people will be allowed to visit public places.

Also, all the restrictions, issued by the Election Commission of India will also remain in force. Read the restrictions issued by ECI here.

ELECTIONS 2022: Ban on roadshows, indoor meetings with 300 people allowed

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