Tuesday, November 28, 2023

China asks natives to “Control their desires”, suggests avoiding hugs, kisses

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The Chinese government has reportedly asked the residents of Shanghai to “control their desires for freedom” as the city is already under lockdown because of the rising number of coronavirus cases. The reports suggest that Shanghai has been badly hit by the coronavirus and the residents have been asked to take more preventive measures.

Several videos have surfaced on the internet where announcements are being made through drones and the residents are asked to take necessary precautionary measures and control their desires for freedom.

Some videos have also surfaced on the internet where the health workers are seen making announcements and saying, “From tonight, couples should sleep separately, do not kiss, hug is not allowed and eat separately.”


According to the media reports, these announcements through drones came in after some people were seen protesting from their balconies against the lack of supplies.

Shanghai has reportedly become the hotspot of coronavirus infection in China. The Shanghai authorities have asked more than 26 million residents to stay at home and take all precautionary measures.

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