Tuesday, October 3, 2023

“Body takes more space in flight”, BJP MLA on bringing student who lost his in Ukraine

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A few days ago, Naveen Shekarappa of Karnataka’s Haveri district lost his life bomb shelling in Ukraine’s Kharkiv. His family is waiting for his body to be flown back to India. Amid all this, a statement from a BJP MLA in Karnataka has sparked a row.

Arvind Bellad is the BJP MLA and he represents the Hubli-Dharwad constituency in Karnataka. He said that a “dead body takes up more space in a flight”.

Further, he said, “Instead of a coffin, nearly 8-10 people can be accommodated on an aeroplane.”

As per the reports, Arvind Bellad was responding to a question on uncertainty on the return of Naveen’s body back to India.

He said that several efforts are being made by the government to evacuate the students stranded in Ukraine. Further, he informed that the government was making efforts to bring Naveen’s mortal remains back to India.

“While it is challenging to bring the students who are alive. It has become even more difficult to bring the dead because it will consume more space on the flight. Eight to ten people can accommodate in place of a dead body.”

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