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Bhagwant Mann’s strict decision: Only one pension to MLAs, ex-MLAs

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Ludhiana, March 25

Punjab Chief Minister Bhagwant Mann on Friday made a major announcement and said that only one pension would be given to the MLAs and Ex-MLAs, irrespective of the times they have won the elections.

He said that Punjab’s financial situation was pitiable and youth was moving abroad in search of good jobs. On the other side, some MLAs and Ex-MLAs were taking pensions for 5-6 terms they have won.

Further, he said that this system would be changed and only one pension would be given to all the MLAs, Ex-MLAs irrespective of the number of times they have won the elections.

It is to be noted that the MLAs get a pension of Rs. 75,150 for one term. Then for each subsequent term, the MLAs get 66 percent additional of their pension.

It has been a week only since Bhagwant Mann has assumed the office. Newly-elected Aam Aadmi Party in Punjab has taken several decisions within a week. An anti-corruption helpline number has also been issued to the residents of Punjab. They can send their grievances on the number 9501-200-200.


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