Friday, September 29, 2023

81 teams constituted to check lumpy skin disease in animals in Ludhiana

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Ludhiana, August 8:

The district administration has constituted 81 teams of Veterinary experts in the Ludhiana to prevent the further spread of infectious lumpy skin disease in animals.

As many as 3640 livestock have been found affected from lumpy skin disease in the district and teams have been regularly keeping watch on the affected areas besides creating awareness among livestock farmers about prevention from disease.

Divulging the details, Deputy Commissioner Surabhi Malik said that the livestock keepers must not get panicky and immediately contact nearest veterinary dispensary/hospital if they found any animal infected with lumpy skin disease.

The Deputy Commissioner said that animal infected with the disease gets high fever from 102f to 104f, do not eat or drink anything, skin gets affected. If any any cattle witness symptoms of such diseases, they should separate healthy animals from the affected ones, and immediately contact nearby veterinary dispensary. She said that this disease used to spread more during rainy season due to mosquito bites. Hence, the animals surroundings must be kept clean and infected animals should be separated from others.

Further, the affected cattle must be covered with mosquito net and those taking care of such cattle, must wear mask, gloves and use sanitizer.

The Deputy Commissioner also asked the other cattle keepers to get their healthy animals vaccinated with Gat Pox vaccine, which will be administered free of cost to keep the spread of the disease under check. She said that Chief Minister Bhagwant Singh Mann led Punjab government was taking all required steps to prevent the spread of the disease.

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